Personalized Treatment for Substance Abuse

Offices in New York City and Princeton NJ

Recovery Options is a specialized private practice with offices in midtown Manhattan and Princeton, New Jersey. We provide flexible, discreet and totally confidential substance abuse treatment tailored to fit each person’s individual needs and circumstances.

Alternative to “One Size Fits All” Programs

We recognize that while some people with drug or alcohol problems have a full-blown addiction or substance dependence, others do not. Because there are many different types of substance use disorders, treatment should not be the same for everyone. Instead, it should be flexibly and sensibly matched to the nature and severity of the patient’s problem. We understand and appreciate that people with alcohol or drug problems are not all the same and that one size does not fit all. That is why we offer an array of different treatment options in order to fit the program to the patient, not vice versa.

  • Discreet and totally confidential
  • Flexible and individualized
  • Treatment for alcohol, cocaine, painkillers, stimulants, sedatives and other drugs
  • Treatment for anxiety and depression causing or resulting from substance abuse
  • Relapse prevention
  • Psychotherapy for underlying emotional issues
  • Abstinence-based treatment for addiction
  • Moderate drinking program for non-addicted problem drinkers

Doing “What Works”

Flexibility and choice are the cornerstones of our integrative approach. Unlike standard 12-step programs that rely heavily on one treatment philosophy and method of approach, we are dedicated to doing “what works” using research-supported solutions and a toolbox of effective strategies. This includes motivational, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, emotional and insight-oriented techniques to accommodate a wide range of patients. In doing so, we hope to meet them “where they are” in the process of change.

Unique Features of Our Method

Our style is motivational, not confrontational. We understand that people struggling with substance dependence are often frustrated and humiliated by their inability to resolve the addiction on their own. This is especially true of those who have been successful in other areas of their life. We view ambivalence or reluctance about change as a normal reaction, not as pathological “resistance” or “denial.” It stands to reason that the idea of giving up a substance that originally helped a person cope and enhanced his/her functioning would stimulate fear and anxiety, even if it ultimately causes more harm than benefit. We do not badger or confront our patients about being “in denial” or “poorly motivated.” Instead, we help them become optimistic and motivated to change.

We view substance abuse as a “self-medication” disorder that results from using addictive substances as coping tools to avoid or escape uncomfortable feelings (anxiety, anger, sadness, etc) rather than as signals to activate adaptive problem-solving behavior. Accordingly, our program utilizes group and individual psychotherapy to address underlying core issues, eliminate the need for self-medication and prevent relapse over the long-term.

Our Clients

Many people come here to find out whether their alcohol or other drug use is really a “problem” and what, if any, treatment options may be most appropriate and desirable. Others seek our help after trying other programs that have not worked well for them or struggling unsuccessfully to regain control on their own. Still others come here for aftercare treatment upon returing to New York City from an inpatient rehab program. Regardless of the initial reason for their visit, all of our clients are here because they receive respectful and sophisticated care that meets their individual needs.

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  • Our Founder: Dr. Washton

    Dr. Arnold Washton

    Dr. Arnold Washton, founder and executive director of Recovery Options, is a world renowned addiction psychologist and book author with a long track record of success in treating substance abuse and related mental health problems.

    Treatment at Recovery Options, which is based on Dr. Washton's Integrative Approach, addresses not only the alcohol and drug use itself, but also the underlying emotional and psychological issues that drive addictive behaviors.

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    Schedule an Evaluation

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